Woody's Free Printable Worksheets, Puzzles, and Coloring Pages.

Woody's Worksheets, Puzzles, and Coloring Pages

Welcome to Woody's worksheet page. Our friend, Woody, has been kind enough to produce some fun worksheets and coloring pages for your kids. We will post new worksheets and coloring pages periodically, so please check back soon.

Woody began his career at Hallmark Cards and has worked with Conagra Foods, Paramount Cards, and Universal Press illustrating greeting cards and fun packs.

Woody works in several medias including pen and ink, watercolor, airbrush, acrylic, plaster, and wood. Woody is happy to discuss any projects or ideas you may have. Feel free to contact Woody if you have a need for any of his services, including, but not limited to:

• character development • logo/menu designs • kids activity pages
• personalized gifts • cards • caricatures • board games • toy design

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Woody's Worksheets

Math Worksheets

Thumbnail image of One More Friend Worksheet.

Cherry Tree In and Out Worksheet - Count to find how many are in and how many are out.
Woody's Big and Small Worksheets 1 and 2 - Color the big picture and draw a line around the small picture.
One More Friend - Students will count the animals in two pictures and find that 3 plus one more is 4.
Boat Safety Math - Solve addition and subtraction problems and decipher a secret code.
Guess the Weight - Students will estimate the weight of household items.
Missing Numbers to 10 - Two fill in the missing number worksheets.

Puzzles, Mazes, Connect-the-Dots

Halloween Connect-the-Dots Worksheet 2 - Connect the alphabet and number dots to complete the jack-o-lantern.

Halloween Witch Maze - Help this friendly witch find her hat.
Halloween Candy Maze - This wacky monster wants the Halloween candy!
Monster Motorist Maze - Which monster will get to the diner first?
Start Your Engines Maze - Help the race car get to the checkered flag.
Late for Class Maze - Help! Woody is late for class. Can you help him get there FAST?
Barn Maze - This farmer needs your help finding the barn.
St. Patrick's Day Maze - This mini St. Patrick's Day activity page includes a shamrock maze and a sign to color.
Turtle Shell Maze - Follow the path from start to finish.

Word Search Puzzles

Thumbnail image of Bird Word Search  Puzzle.

Birdbrain - Find and circle the names of thirty-six birds in this fun puzzle.
Gearheads - Auto related word search and coloring page.
Diner Favorites Word Search - Burger, fries, pie, and shakes. Find them all at The Malt Shop.
Cheese Word Search - A cheese lovers puzzle!
Al's Fix-It Shop Word Search - Al loves to fix things. Find the names of items he has fixed in the puzzle.
Go West Word Search Puzzle - Take a trip with pioneers when you locate and circle these words in the puzzle.
Major League Baseball Word Search - Can you find the names of twenty-five MLB teams in this puzzle?
Pro Basketball Teams Word Search Puzzle - Can you find the names of the professional basketball teams in this puzzle?
BBQ Word Search - Don't attempt to solve this puzzle hungry!
Woody's Thanksgiving Word Search - Find lots of yummy foods in this Thanksgiving puzzle!
Creepy Crawly Critters - Snakes, frogs, lizards, and other animals found here!
Find-A-Fish - Find and circle the name of thirty-six fish in the puzzle.

Word Scrambles
Scrambled Cities - Students will unscramble the city names and label them on a map.
Halloween Scramble - Students will unscramble the Halloween words and match them to the pictures.
Season Scramble - Students will unscramble the season names and color the pictures.

Spot the Difference Worksheets
Funny Fish Faces - Print the word fish and find two fish in the picture that are the same.
Two Balloons - Find the balloons that are the same.

Who Says What? - Color the word bubbles to match the person who would say each phrase.
Easter Egg Critters - Easter color, cut, and tape activity to decorate eggs.

Coloring Pages
Boy Spinning a Basketball - This boy is talented!
Woody at the Bat - A baseball player up to bat coloring page.
Skaterz Coloring Page - Color this wild picture of a boy on a skateboard and a dog on skates.
Boy on Bicycle - Color the picture of a boy being a bit of a daredevil on his bike.
Skateboarding Boy - Skateboarding boy with sunglasses coloring page.
Basketball Coloring Page - Spin and dunk coloring fun found here!

The Ultimate Sandwich - Lettuce, cheese, sauce, onions, peppers, and more to color on this gigantic sandwich.
Sandwich Mania - A weird and wacky coloring page.
Ed's Diner - Nostalgic coloring page features a diner in the background and a convertible in front.

Friendly Dracula - This friendly Dracula wants to tell you "Happy Halloween!"
Halloween Trick-or-Treat Coloring Page - Color the cute monster holding a jack-o-lantern with treats in it.
Halloween Spot the Difference Worksheet - Color the wacky monster in each row that is different.
Halloween Riddle and Coloring Page - Color the picture and answer the question "What does a skeleton order in a restaurant?"

St. Patrick's Day
Mini St. Patrick's Day Poster - This could be colored and placed on a door or window for St. Patrick's Day.

Valentine's Day
Monster Be Mine - This lovable monster wants to be your valentine.
Giraffe in Love - You'll love coloring these cute giraffes.

Rock n' Roll - These cool cats are playing some serious music!
Piano Player - Jazz up coloring time with this fun coloring page featuring a piano and a saxophone player.
Rock Star - Your kid could add their name to this rock star picture and color the band.

Fall Coloring Page - Variety of images to color reminding you of Thanksgiving, Halloween, and fall.

Animal Swim - Color the friendly animals having fun at the pool.
Silly Zoo Critters - Wild and wacky zoo animals to color.
Friendly Turtle Coloring Page

Bumper Cars - Look out! Color the boy and girl driving the bumper cars.
Hot Rod 1 - Another crazy hot rod coloring page from Woody.

Going West - This western theme coloring page features a family and their Indian friend in a covered wagon.
Pirate Artist - How many art items can you spot and color in this picture?
Get Ready to Draw - Careful, this cowboy may draw on you first.


All worksheets created by T. Smith.


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