Third grade worksheets to help students succeed in geometry.

Third Grade Geometry, Measurement and Data Worksheets

This page of math worksheets features a variety of free printable third grade geometry and measurement worksheets for home and school use. These third grade worksheets could be used to complement classroom work or provide extra practice to struggling students.

Depending on your child's abilities, you may wish to refer to our second grade geometry worksheets and fourth grade math worksheets for additional math practice sheets.

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Third Grade Geometry, Measurement, and Data Worksheets

Fraction Worksheets

Equivalent Fractions Worksheet 1 - Identify and circle the equivalent fractions in each set.
Beginning Fractions Worksheet 3 - Students will write the fraction that shows the shaded portion of each shape.
Beginning Fractions Worksheet 4 - Students will divide shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths, then shade portions as directed.
Beginning Fractions Worksheet 5 - Divide rectangles into halves, thirds, fourth, and fifths then shade portions as directed.
Fractions - Students will look at the picture and write the fraction that represents the shaded part of each set.
Fractions Worksheet 1 - Write the fraction for each shaded part and shade portions to reflect the fraction shown.


Line of Symmetry Worksheet 1 - Draw lines of symmetry on the shapes provided.
Finding Perimeters - Students will find the perimeter for each of the polygons shown on this page.
Perimeter Worksheet 1 - Solve the mystery of the missing value!
Perimeter Worksheet 3 - Find the missing value to make each statement true.
Third Grade Gardeners - Students will find the perimeter for a variety of garden plots.
Math Who Am I? Worksheet 3 - This self-checking worksheet reinforces third grade math vocabulary.
Cube Count - Thinking skills worksheet.
Sides and Vertices Worksheets 1-2 - Students will answer the questions about the sides and vertices on a variety of shapes.

Graphing and Measurement Worksheets
Calendar Fun Worksheet 3 - Use information from the calendar to answer the questions.
Favorite Vegetables Survey and Bar Graph - This fun third grade worksheet allows students to use tally marks to record the favorite vegetable of their peers or family members. They will then use the data to complete the bar graph.
Weights and Measures - Can you find fifteen weight and measurement terms in this puzzle?
Melissa's Garden - Students will learn about ordered pairs and identify points on a grid.(This is a Standardized Test Practice Worksheet which meets or exceeds the published Arizona Academic Standards at the time of publication.)

Time Worksheet 1 - Students will gain real life problem solving skills when they compute the cooking time for each word problem.
Time Calculations Worksheets 1-2 - Students will solve word problems by telling time to five minute intervals.
Reading Time - Students will read and write the time shown on each analog clock.

All worksheets created by T. Smith.


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This page has 22 third grade geometry and measurement worksheets.

Free third grade geometry worksheets to help your students with fractions, time, money, graphing, and more.

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