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Themed Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Apple Theme Teaching Resources

Thumbnail image of Apple Graph Worksheet.

Apple Graph - Students will use information from a picture graph to answer questions.
Apple and Letter A - Students will read about apples, count the apples on the tree, color the letter A and color the picture.
How Many Apples - This four worksheet set requires students to count the apples on each page and circle the number that tells "how many". Students will also follow the directions to color all the apples, and the largest, smallest, and middle apple.
Addition Practice - Apple themed worksheet with addition facts to 10 and even and odd number recognition.
Apple Addition Worksheets 1-4 - Solve the addition problems, writing sums to 18 inside the apples then color the even or odd sums as directed.
Apple Theme Numbers and Colors - The ten worksheets in this set incorporate counting to 5, coloring, following directions, scissor skills, and recognizing the colors red and green.
Apple Tree Number Trace - Trace the numerals 1 through 10 and color the picture.
Apple Tree Number Trace Worksheet 1 - Trace the numbers 1 through 5.
The Apple Tree - This twenty page counting book includes apples that children can color, cut and paste onto each tree. Included are instructions, use ideas, apples to color, and pages for the numbers 1-20.
The Apple Tree - This version is the same as above but has been formatted for double sided printing.
Apple Connect-the-Dots - Students will connect the dots from 1 to 10 to complete the picture of an apple.

Circus Teaching Resources

Clown Color by Number - Students will use the color key provided to color the clown. This worksheet reinforces color and number recognition as well as fine motor skills.
Circus Word Search Puzzle - Find and circle eighteen circus related words in the puzzle. Bonus exercise includes alphabetizing the words from the puzzle.
Clown Dot-to-Dot - Connect the dots from 1-10 and A-Z to complete this picture.
Clown Dot-to-Dot - Connect the dots from 1-10 and A-Z to complete this picture.
Count and Color Circus Pups - Count the pups and the hats and write the number that tells "how many".
Clown Tracing Circles - Promote pencil control and shape recognition when you provide this worksheet to your students.
How Many at the Circus: Counting to 3 - Count the circus items and circle the number that tells "how many".
Circus Counting and Matching - Students will recognize 3, 4, 5, and 6 circus items in a group.
Clown Maze - Help the clown through the maze and draw a tie on the clown!

Farm Teaching Resources

Thumbnail image of Farm Tally Worksheet.

Farm Tally Mark Worksheet - Students will make a tally mark representing the number of farm animals with 2 or 4 legs. They will then add the tally marks to show the total number of tally marks made.
Read, Trace, and Print Farm Animal Friends - Read, trace, and print the names of six farm animals.
Writing Questions and Statements (farm theme) - Write two questions and two statements about the farm picture.
Graphing Farm Animals - Graph the animals with 2 legs and the animals with 4 legs.
Farm Animal Graphing Fun - Find the coordinates of the farm animals shown on the graph.
All About Dairy Cows - This 26 page printable book includes facts about cows and activities for kids.
Barnyard Colors - This farm related worksheet focuses on following directions and color recognition.
Farm Animal Letter Match - Match each farm animal to the letter with the beginning sound. Letters are c, d, g, p, and r.
Five Farm Friends - Draw additional animals in each row to make sets of 5.
Label the Farm Animals - Students will write the correct animal name for each farm animal.
Counting Farm Animals - Trace the numerals 1-5 and draw a line to the matching set of animals.
Making Farm Words - Choose black and white or color version of this worksheet and ask students to add a letter to the beginning of each word to correctly spell a farm animal name.
Nouns on the Farm - Fill in the blanks with nouns from the word box.
Farm Animal Cut and Paste - Color the animals then cut and paste sections together to make a cow, pig, horse, and chicken.
Last Letter on the Farm Worksheets 2a-2c - Students will say the name of each picture and complete the spelling of each farm related word by writing the letter that makes the ending sound. Includes one worksheet each for animals, crops, and tools.
First Letter On the Farm - Write the beginning consonant letter for each of the farm related words pictured.
Color the Farm Animals - Students must recognize numbers 1-7 when they color the farm animals by number.
Farm Animal Memory Game - Print and laminate these game pieces that include twelve farm animal cards with the animal name.
Farm Animal Matching Game - Fun farm animal picture memory game for preschool-second grade.
Farm Animal Math - Students will solve addition problems with sums to 26 then decode each farm animal name.
Graphing Farm Animals - Students will record the number of farm animals shown on the graph and complete patterns.

Alphabet Teaching Resources

You will find lots more alphabet worksheets here.

Letter C Activities Packet - This packet contains ten different worksheets related to the letter C. Printing practice, hard and soft c, vocabulary, and reading worksheets are just a few of the items in this educational packet.

Fruit and Vegetable Worksheets and Coloring Pages

The Beginning Sound of Fruit - Say the name of each fruit and circle the letter that makes the beginning sound.
The Beginning Sound of Vegetables - Say the name of each vegetable and circle the letter that makes the beginning sound.
Fruit and Vegetable Cut and Paste - Color the fruits and vegetables then cut and paste them in the appropriate shopping bag.
The Vegetable Packet This packet for preschool-first grade includes word wall or flash cards, coloring pages, word search puzzles, and math and language arts worksheets. There are forty-one pages in all!
Vegetable Tiles - Write the names of vegetables in the correctly shaped box.
Fruit Tiles - Write the names of the fruit in the boxes shaped like the letters in each word.

Dinosaur Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Do-It-Yourself Dinosaur Fact Sheet - Primary grade students can use this as a guide when researching dinosaurs.
Recognizing Sentences Worksheet A - Read the groups of words about dinosaurs and determine if they are sentence fragments or complete sentences.
Triceratops - Preschool-second grade students will learn a little bit about this dinosaur and color the picture.
Apatosaurus - Basic information and a picture to color of this giant dinosaur. Recommended for preschool-2nd grade.
Triceratops - Read about this three-horned dinosaur and color the picture. Recommended for students in grades 3-4.
Apatosaurus - Third and fourth grade students will enjoy reading about this fascinating dinosaur. This page also features interesting facts, classification details, and a picture to color.
Dinosaur Venn Diagram - This dinosaur theme diagram is ready for students to complete as they sort carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.
Stegosaurus Words Make words using the letters in stegosaurus, color the picture, and list facts you know or learn about this dinosaur.
Pachycephalosaurus - List facts and make words from the letters in this dinosaurs name.
My Dinosaur - Students will draw a picture of an imaginary dinosaur they have discovered in the backyard. Foster imagination and creative writing skills and instruct students to write a paragraph or two about their dinosaur on the back of the page.
Dinosaur Cut and Paste Color the dinosaurs then cut out the pieces and paste them together to make a complete dinosaur.

Fun Back-to-School Worksheets

Back to School Fun Cut and Paste Worksheet 3 - Students will cut and paste back to school items in the picture and make a list of school supplies they need.
Back to School Fun Worksheet 2 - Fun back-to-school word search puzzle and word scramble activity for students in grades 3-5.
Back to School Fun Worksheet 1 - This worksheet provides back-to-school fun for students in grades 1-3 and includes a word search, word jumble, and alphabetizing practice.


Birthday Worksheets and Activities

Birthday Words - How many words can you make from the letters in the word birthday?

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