Testimonials about tlsbooks.com.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every person who has taken the time to send in their kind comments.
-T. Smith (tlsbooks.com)


I absolutely love your website! It has helped my 5year old daughter and nephew tremendously with their transition into kindergarden.
- Sandra

I have been looking at web sites for a few weeks now for worksheets, math facts, reading stories, etc for my 1st & 2nd graders and I would like to compliment your website as by far being the BEST. I have found the site to probably be more than I can teach my kiddos over the summer. Thank you for offering these FREE of charge. You are definitely enhancing my kiddos knowledge.
- Dionne

I just wanted to drop a note saying how THRILLED I am to find your website! It has become my first go-to site when I'm looking for pages to supplement summer learning packets from school, and will be where I'll look to first with certain topics during the school year where either of my boys might need some extra help or practice in an area. What a jewel of a resource and best of all free to use! I will certainly let my friends know about what a wonderful site you have here. Cannot say "wow" and "thanks" enough!
- Nicole

I somehow stumbled across your website and I am so glad I did! I have found all of the curriculum that my 4th grader is working on. This will be awesome to use for extra practice and to also prepare for what is ahead. I am very grateful for your work!!
- Chandel

We love the printable sheets! My son who is in grade one homeschool loves them and enjoys the pictures to colour and learn. This website is a great resorce for homeschoolers. Thanks so much.
- Rhonda

I love your website. I'm a stay-at-home mother and I love the pages to keep my three year old busy and teach him new things!!!
- Suzanne

Thank so much for all your hard work and free services. Your site has come through for my family several times in helping my children in being on track. I was all to happy to donate what I could.
- Michele

I love your website. Very easy and everything needed for my 4 yr old to learn and for me to teach. Thanks.
- Summayia

Just found your site after ten years working with students with moderate to severe disabilities. Awesome and perfect!!
- Susan

Last summer I got my daughter some workbooks from the store. She enjoyed them, but they didn't quite cover everything I thought they should. Your site looks like it will be a great summer review!
- Michelle

This is an excellent website! Thank you for interesting educational content. My students always seem to find these worksheets a fun and interesting challenge.
- Celia

I work in an after school program and do not have the ability to go purchase workbooks for my elementary school kids, this website is simply amazing. Having these FREE worksheets is a fantastic resource for me and my kids. Thank you so much for your support of our school and kids with these free supplies!!!
- Tiffany

Thank you so much for your amazing site! I live in Australia, and my daughter is just finishing her first year at school - it's been a struggle for her. Her teacher suggested we do extra work with her during the break from school, so I started searching the web. Your site is the best I have found BY FAR!! So I just want to say thanks, and I will definitely be making a donation. Yours Sincerely,
- Kellie

I just lucked up on this website I have found it to be very helpful for my first grader. He has trouble focusing so I needed some extra help at home and this site is that help.
- Andrea

I just found your website today and I am amazed at the amount of helpful worksheets and ideas available here. This summer my grandson is need of math refreshment and I'm the grandma helping him and you are definitely helping me! Thank you so very much-I have left a donation using PayPal and was privileged to do so!
- Sheilah

I just wanted to comment on how great this website is! I am a tutor for K-8th grade students and TLSbooks.com makes it so easy to find good worksheets at no cost. Other academic websites charge you to look at their worksheets; I am so happy to have found this website for my sake and for the students I teach. Thank you so much for providing great educational materials at no cost, it really helps a lot.
- Andrea

Thank you for helping me keep my son on track with his schoolwork during the summer. The first few weeks returning to school are always difficult getting him back on track. Your worksheets are categorized so that I am sure he will not only be challenged, but the work is on his current level. I will definitely share your site with my friends.
- Christine

This website is amazing. I am sorry that I didn't find it before now. I will use it regularly. Thank you for providing me with such a great resource!
- Jill

Thank you so much! This site is very easy to use. It has made our learning at home fun and easy!
- anonymous

Thanks you so much for this great site. It is so resourceful to me and fun for my daughter as she learns.
- Lorena

I want to thank you for this great site!
- Shereen

I love the site and what it has to offer. I am a teacher at a private elementary school. My students have benefited tremendously from the worksheets.
- Sonja

Your site is terrific! I am a first year, elementary school librarian who has a fixed schedule of classes. I don't know what I would do without the grade level worksheets you provide.
- Joyce

Thank you so much for all the great info/puzzles/learning you provide for our kids!!
- Deborah

Thank you for all the wonderful FREE worksheets. I am a speech pathologist and many of these exercises lend themselves to concepts I need to teach my young patients. Thanks again your sight is a wonderful resource!
- Patricia

Thank you! I have searched forever to find a sight like yours. I love it! I will be using the material for mostly toddlers and preschoolers and what I have seen is perfect and the sight is so easy to use.
- Rebecca

Thank you so much for having these educational worksheets. As a in-home licensed daycare provider I can use them for my kids in the summertime to keep them on top of what they had learned the previous school year and entering into the next. I don't have to buy a whole bunch of different books for the variety of ages that I have in my care. Thanks again.
- Susan

I just happened across your website and haven't had time to look at everything. What I have found excites me. I've had a lot of problems getting my home schooled child to grasp good spelling and writing concepts. Your worksheets provide a new way to look at things. I wanted to thank you for providing this for free. So many websites charge and expense IS an issue. Thank you, thank you so much!
- Diane

Thank you! Thank you! My kids attend a school that has a 3 week spring break because they go through the summer. I want to make sure that they are still doing something academic during this period, Your website provided me with some awesome 1st and 2nd grade worksheets. Again, Thank you!
- Jackie

I absolutely love your website and its content! I can't tell you how helpful it has been in teaching my son at home. It's a great place for homeschooling moms like myself! I Love you guys!!!!
- Sonia

This is one of the most wonderful sites that I have found! I am still in school to become a teacher and am trying to build up my materials. Thank you for all that you do and the great quality of products that you supply. My future classroom and students thank you!
- Rebecca

I found your site today and I love it!! Thanks so much. The Preschool materials are wonderful.
- Pat

Came across this site today!!! THANK YOU!!
- Beth

Just wanted to tell you how fantastic your web site is! I found EXACTLY what I was looking for and with three young boys (one going into Grade 1) I will be using this information for many many years! Thank you!
- Tammy

I think that this website is GREAT! Thank you for continuing to commit to our students' success!
- James

I just wanted to let you all know, that I think this website has to be the best website to find everything that you are looking for to help your children become successful in school. I was searching throughout the entire internet, and came across your website, and was very excited! I have a 6 year old son going into the First grade, and I want to keep him occupied over the summer. So I went looking for summer activities and am just amazed that someone or everyone took so much time to put this website together. Well kudos to you all, and thank you so much for being there for us sometimes clueless parents!!
- Johanna

I found some great worksheets to use with my son's homeschooling. Thanks for such an extensive free site!
- Ann

The worksheets on this site are amazing and a great help for my elementary age children.
- Jill

I have been searching the web since last night to try to find information on the concept of the math pyramid. I was about to give up and I saw your web site. As I was looking at it I saw a worksheet for the math pyramid with the answers. I want to thank your web site for these tools on the math pyramid I could not get the concept to explain it to my 3rd grader but now I can. I have put your site in my favorites so that I will have a site that I can go to when I need help. Thank you.
- Stacy

1st user, seems like a pretty good site!
- Betty

I have always used this website and it's great. I always find what I need.
- Vianika

I happened upon your wonderful website in the wee hours of the morning. You have created an exceptional site for teachers. Thank you so much for providing these free, high quality resources.
- Claudette

This is a wonderful resource! i am a tutor for homeless education and work with children of all ages. your site makes it easy to find resources and material to address all our needs. Thank you.
- Angie

I love your site. Thanks so much for the incredible collection of tools. My son is in kdg but working way ahead of his class. These materials really help me keep him engaged in the learning process. I'm happy to make a yearly donation because I can see that this is going to be a useful tool for years to come. Thanks so much.
- Elizabeth

I just began homeschooling my disabled daughter. I must tell you that your website has already helped me so very much!!! Thank you for your awesome material.
- Leah

This is ideal to keep students learning over the summer.
- Donna

Love your site; fantastic for pre k math and k math themes. I've used your sit a lot and appreciate it.
- L.

Your website has helped me so much in reteaching my students in the different curriculum class. I teach Special Need students who have behavior and emotional disabilities and sometimes the textbooks are a little difficult.
- Varetta

My kids enjoy your worksheets. I appreciate your free site. Hope my donation helps.
- The Greens

I really enjoyed this website and found it very useful. I thank you very much.
- Ricky

I love that I found this website, now my children can stay motivated during Summer break.
- Lisa

This sight has been so helpful with my homeschooling program and i love it i just found it and donated to it on my first visit and will continue to donate even it only small amount to show my support. thank for all the wonderful information and help.
- Melanie

Great worksheets.
- Morgan

Thank you for this wonderful site! After searching through the murky waters of the internet, it is so refreshing to find a fabulous, clear and easy to use site with everything you need to keep little busy brains entertained. Thanks all the way from South Africa!
- Santie

This is an awesome web-site!!!
- Kathy

EXCELLENT! EVERYTHING I was looking for to supplement my child's learning experience over the summer. I hope the donation helps and wish I would have found your sight sooner and donated the monies spent in mass market stores, to you. Well worth the $$$! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
- Crystle

This is a wonderful website. There are so many helpful lessons for my 5 year old daughter.
- Cassandra

I really enjoyed your free printable math sheets. They were easy to use and I could print them without worrying that I needed to copy and paste the material so it would all fit on one sheet. Thank you!
- Christa

Just what I was looking for, thanks!
- Jonah

I will be glad to make a donation! This is an excellent source for homeschoolers. I am telling everyone!
- Jennifer

I am very thankful to you for this wonderful website, my daughter studying in senior kg has greatly benefitted solving worksheets. She has shown remarkable progress in academics in her classes and had been awarded a scholar badge. My deep and profound thanks to the tlsbooks website you guys are doing a great job!
- Kavita

Thanks for the free worksheets! I'm a 3rd grade teacher and these will be very helpful throughout the school year and for review!
- Michelle

I am thrilled to have found your site! I have printed countless copies to make each of my boys a "workbook" to work on every day. Thank you for building such a great collection of learning for all of our kiddos!!

Love this site. It helps me help my nieces to strive to do and be better.

Your site is fabulous! I really appreciate the organization and materials available.

Thank you for this awesome site! I am trying to put together a workbook for my daughter for the summer and this is exactly what I needed!

Many, many thanks from Melbourne, Australia.

I just recently started tutoring at our church and your worksheets have been such a great help!!!

I just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful array of worksheets and information you have provided. I have just recently decided to home-school our first grader, and the wealth of knowledge on your site is wonderful. She is excited about all the activities she'll be doing from your site. Thank you again, for terrific content!

I wanted to let you know how helpful your website was for me! I am a college student, an early childhood education major. Your printable worksheets worked perfectly for a project for a Thematic Unit I needed to complete for a class. They had wonderful ideas that I may include in my future classroom. Thank you and great job!

Thank you so much. Your website has been a fantastic help to my 9 year old who was having some difficulties with Maths. After printing many of your worksheets, we do one every night after school and he is now starting to get the hang of maths. Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work.

I was looking for a place to find extra work for my Grandson this summer when I found your sight. It has been a blessing to me. He has ADHD and is in different levels in all subjects. You have helped me (us) so very much. Thank You

love your web site. I used it to keep my kids busy over the summer.

Thank you so much for this site - I'm in my first year of homeschooling and needed some math addition sheets for practice.

What a great site!, Thanks so much. I am a homeschool mom, and I tutor other peoples kids in the summer. What a great place to find everything I need.

Good stuff! Thanks so much. I just printed about 30 pages for my 7 year old. Appreciate the awesome site.

Thank you so much this site. My son is 4 about to turn 5 and starting school, with these worksheets and how much he has learned he won't fall behind.

My daughter is about to finish her first year of preschool tomorrow! She has loved school so much this year that I wanted to be able to keep her mind working throughout the summer. When I mentioned the idea to her about having a short "school time" each morning, she was thrilled! Thank you so much for this website that is providing me with everything that I will need to help keep her enthusiasm going until September!

This web site is wonderful. I just started home schooling my children and it helps to have this kind of resource!
- Naomi

I teach special education in an elementary school. I want to thank you for the wonderful worksheets you offer on your website. I have used them to differentiate instruction and to meet the individual needs of my special children. The variety that you offer, and having them sorted either by topic or grade level makes your resource extremely valuable. Thank you for helping the education community.

I am a fourth grade teacher and I usually make my own worksheets because I know I can address the needs of my students. The worksheets on your website are excellent and I will definitely use them in my classroom! Thank you!!

I think your site is fabulous, it has provided a wealth of information and fun learning for my children who are home educated. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your activity sheets!

I LOVE THIS SITE! I have told all of my friends about it! My year old son loves all of the worksheets. He will be 6 this summer and start kindergarten in Aug. The work sheets have prepared for school and then some. Thank you so much!!!!

I love the worksheets! They are so helpful and really easy to use! Thanks!!

These are great worksheets and so much fun!

I can't thank you enough for this wonderful website. I am always looking for websites like this one to work with my son. I will highly recommend this site to other parents with children. I just fell in love with it. Keep up the great work!!!

I thoroughly enjoy all materials available for my students. I am a fourth grade teacher and a Director for an academic camp. These worksheets have been a great tool for enrichment, as well as supplemental materials. Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity for teachers and parents.

This is a super sight!! I teach 4th grade, but my sons are 5 and 6. I was looking for practice for over the summer and I found your wonderful sight. Thanks for all of the ideas and materials!!

I just want to thank you for such a beautifully put together site! It is easy to navigate, and contains so many wonderful resources! As a home schooling parent to three children, ages 8, 4, and 20 months, I really appreciate all the wonderful activities, and crafts! You have really made our school time fun. Keep up the great work!

Kudos to the folks who put this site together! You can really tell someone cares about kids and their education. I will use these worksheets over the summer to keep my two boys in tip top academic shape.
- Heather

Thank you so much for your website. My daughter will be starting Kindergarten in August and we have decided to homeschool her. I've been looking for worksheets to get her started now and your site has exactly what I've been looking for. You have a wonderful selection of worksheets for just about every topic they would cover in school. Again, thank you for your great website.

I would like to thank you for the printable because my little nieces and nephews love them.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! My son will be attending kindergarten in the fall and, as much as we try, he has no real interest in learning his ABC's or 123's. Yet he can tell you the correct name for every dinosaur in all three Jurassic Park movies. The worksheets you have provided on your site are absolutely perfect! My sister sent me the link and I will be forever grateful! I just wanted to share my thanks. We are military overseas and it's difficult where we are to get learning books, your site is perfect.
- Heather

I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" for a great product. It was shipped so quickly!!!!!! I extremely pleased with both books and can't wait to give them as gifts. I will definitely order from you again the next time I need gifts!!! This is a great site!!

I am a preschool teacher with two three years olds at home, and your site is great. I love the printables, they are a huge time saver. Thanks!!!

Thank you so much, this is exactly what I have been looking for. My daughter is 4 and I have been looking for fun ways for her to learn! It is wonderful and she loves doing the worksheets!! Thank you

I just wanted to say this was the best website that I came across for getting my preschooler ready for school. Don't change a thing!

I just received my books and they are even better than I imagined. Thank you so much!

I wish that I would have found your site long ago! The worksheets are a tremendous help for my fourth grader who is struggling with his multiplication! Thank you!

I just wanted to say *thank you* for providing such a great site! My son is currently in public kindergarten and needed extra practice with his printing. I have found literally thousands of websites, but not correlated with his teacher's methods. You were my answer. Thank you so much!

I have four children and they are all at different levels even as they prosper in school upon finding this site I will suggest this to my youngest childs teacher. Thank you and keep up the great work.

My son attends pre-school but I also want to be able to work with him at home. I think it's wonderful that you provide these worksheets free. Thank you!!!

Awesome website! Thank you!

I really enjoyed using your site. Your worksheets are very organized and it makes downloading easy. Thank you!

Wow! I don't want to leave your website! Well done! I am a pre-school teacher. I have very bright kids and I needed some extra supplemental stuff, and you provided richly. Thank you very much!

You guys have a wonderful site!!! Thank you so much. I home school my four yr old and have looked through many many sites and nothing comes close to yours! You have "usable" worksheets that are very attractive to my child. I have bought workbooks in the store, only to find that they had a lot of pages that I didn't need and very few of the ones that I did. You guys have solved my problem. And I am so happy to hear that you put new worksheets in every few weeks. I will be back...that is a promise! Thank You!

Thank you so much for this site. It has been an absolutely invaluable help for my daughter and me. we send you a hug. THANK YOU.

I have been searching for printable worksheets to work with my kids for weeks. I am so grateful for finding your site. It was very helpful and jammed with every imaginable resource. Thank you so much!
-L. Davis

Thank you! I have been searching the web for worksheets that I could use to help reinforce what my child is learning in school. The worksheets provided offer lots of practice!

WOW!! Thank you! What a great resource to find! A great array of activities and helps! Thank You!



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