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Spelling Worksheets

List 1 (13 words) - ape, box, cat, day, eat, fell, got, had, if, jump, king, let, man
List 2 (13 words) - now, open, pet, queen, ride, stop, top, under, very, want, well, yes, yet
List 3 (13 words) - act, boy, case, desk, ever, every, fish, good, help, inch, key, pinch, yelp
List 4 (13 words) - also, bad, one, pop, sad, step, to, too, two, use, visit, won, yard
List 5 (13 words) - wagon, wall, war, warm, weak, week, went, when, win, wire, wonder, word, work
List 6 (13 words) - zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine ,ten, eleven, twelve
List 7 (15 words) - thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety
Spelling Words #8 - inch, foot, yard, mile, acre, rod, furlong, meter, kilometer, millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, dekameter
Spelling Words #9 - ate, eight, dear, deer, son, sun, some, sum, wood, would, write, right
Spelling Words #10 - appear, while, year, need, has, ice, hot, her, him, hymn, we, wee, fear
Spelling Words #11 - versus (vs.) , publisher (pub.), ounce (oz), population (pop.) ,number (no.), mountain (mt), minute (min), incorporated (inc) , department (dept.), county (co.) , avenue (ave.) association (assn.) abbreviation (abbr.)
Spelling Words #12 - alive, alone ,cool, guess, fence, grass, fruit, along, copy, each
Spelling Words #13 - pair, blue, passed, pear, gate, bare, gait, blew , bear, witch, which, homonym
Spelling Words #14 - cub, kitten, gosling, eaglet, chick, duckling, calf, joey, foal, bunny, lamb, fawn
Spelling Words #15 - planets, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Pluto, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, universe
Spelling Words #16 - summer, swim, picnic, vacation, trip, camp, water, friend, travel, fabulous
Spelling Words #17 - cup, bat, bee, yelp, bump, past, tent, walk, bed, fight, fall, mouse
Spelling Words #18 - honk, buzz, growl, hiss, moo, snort, oink, purr, roar, chirp, howl, nay
Spelling Words #19 - try, myself, were, cold, any, please, just, grow, together, into, pull, own, over
Spelling Words #20 - could, funny, keep, laugh, small, start, these, round, where, little, draw, around, found
Spelling Words #21 - bring, clean, look, can, play, saw, sleep, big, not, see, bar, wish
Spelling Words #22 - away, fly, better, them, they, sing, shall, carry, find, far, light, red
Spelling Words #23 - pause, patch, party, pass, pace, paid, paint, paper, pants, pantry, parent, park, part
Spelling Words #24 - been, cut, hurt never, drink, make, think, thank, here, know, full much, both
Spelling Words #25 - what, about, done, only, those, upon, once, put, take, pick, kind, because
Spelling Words #26 - today, show, came, have, pretty, said, why, wash, ask, before, old, me
Spelling Words #27 - school, pencil, color, spell, ruler, pen, lunch, recess, bell, tablet, history, class
Spelling Words #28 - cheerful, friendly, brave, pleasant, generous, creative, witty, strong, thoughtful, ambitious, loyal, considerate
Spelling Words #29 - answer, afraid, certain, equal, door, glad, fresh, object, notice, race, process, support
Spelling Words #30 - without, young, unit, trouble, then, therefore, poor, quick, rate, flight, expect, drop
Spelling Words #31 - danger, statement, rose, original, mine, lost, sheet, less, office, order, explain, narrow
Spelling Words #32 - snow, glass, important, station, sense, might, proud, rope, smoke, usual, gone, ground
Spelling Words #33 - gray, neither, room, doctor, easy, mouth, began, built, hope, mother, father, deep
Spelling Words #34 - onto, sure, note, company, chair, guide, wide, fire, various, heat, city, milk
Spelling Words #35 - honey, either, kept, within, wrote, teeth, say, pressure, pay, numb, lot, love
Spelling Words #36 - home, finger, flat, down, broken, basic, window, again, else, opposite, nest, decide
Spelling Words #37 - addend, equation, variable, numeral, numerator, denominator, difference, quotient, factor, digit, dividend, multiple, divisor
Spelling Words #38 - pumpkin, Thanksgiving, Indian, Plymouth, cornucopia, celebration, harvest, turkey, feast, pilgrim, colony, squash
Spelling Words #39 - side, hear, during, men, women, woman, next, thought, though, still, different, something
Spelling Words #40 - octagon, triangle, heptagon, quadrilateral, decagon, hexagon, nonagon, pentagon
Spelling Words #41 - sea, sound, change, several, heard, herd, such, between, example, children, there, first
Spelling Words #42 - the, of, and, a, in, is, you, that, it, he, for ,was
Spelling Words #43 - on, are, as, with, his, at, be, this, from, or, by, but
Spelling Words #44 - all, your, an, do, will, how, up, out, she, many, so, other
Spelling Words #45 - more, like, time, than, its, my, made, maid, did, way, may, long
Spelling Words #46 - after, words, called, just, land, enough, life, animal, took, above, almost, live
Spelling Words #47 - hand, feet, knee, elbow, wrist, neck, toe, foot, arm, leg, finger, nose
Spelling Words #48 - page, fair, high, however, country, night, knight, picture, being, study, second, soon
Spelling Words #49 - story, cents, hard, sentence, near, best, across, new, told, child, thing, whole
Spelling Words #50 - yesterday, today, tomorrow, beginning, middle, end, first, second, last, future, past, present

All worksheets created by T. Smith.


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