Spelling List #79

My Spelling Words


Practice reading and writing each of the following spelling words.

bore  _________________
boar  _________________
carat  _________________
dual  _________________
duel  _________________
peddle  _______________
pedal  _______________
meat  ________________
meet  ________________
rye  ________________
wry  ________________

Use the spelling words from the word box on the right to complete the crossword puzzle.


3.  a grass or grain
4.  to use your feet to control
6.  does not interest you
7.  an orange vegetable
8.  to become acquainted with
9.  referring to two things at the
     same time


1.  bent or twisted
2.  to travel and sell items
5.  a fight between two persons
6.  a wild pig
7.  unit of weight used by jewelers
8.  a solid food usually, from an



Word box

bore boar carat
carrot dual duel
peddle pedal meat
meet rye wry

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