Spelling List #78

My Spelling Words


Practice reading and writing each of the following spelling words.

preface  _________________
appendix  _________________
index  _________________
contents  _________________
spine  _________________
bibliography _______________
introduction  _______________
dedication ________________
glossary  ________________
chapter  ________________

Use the spelling words from the word box on the right to complete the crossword puzzle.


4.  part of a book to which the pages
     are attached
5.  listing of topics covered in a book
7.  supplementary material found at
     the end of a book
9.  words and their meaning found in a


1.  message or tribute to a person or
2.  introductory remarks in a book
3.  list of works referred to in a book
5.  a main division or part of a book
6.  alphabetical list giving the  page
     number where items in a book
     may be found
8.  preliminary part of a book




Word box

preface appendix index
contents spine bibliography
introduction dedication glossary

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