Free preschool shape worksheets help teach basic geometric shape recognition at home or in the classroom.

Shape Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

Welcome to This page of geometry worksheets focuses on shape recognition for the preschool and kindergarten child. Many of these preschool shape worksheets incorporate color recognition, fine motor skills, numbers, and concepts such as large and small.

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Preschool Shape Worksheets

Thumbnail image of Circles Worksheet Set 2.

Circles Worksheet Set 2 - The four worksheets in this set include counting, tracing, coloring, comparing, and drawing circles.
Circles - Color the items that are shaped like a circle.
Squares - Color the objects that are shaped like a square.
Primary Colors and Basic Shapes - Students will learn to recognize a circle, square, and triangle while coloring them blue, red, and yellow.
Color the Shapes - Color the squares, circles, and triangles, using the colors red, green, and blue.
Label the Shapes - Label the pictures of a circle, square, triangle, star, rectangle, and oval (ellipse).
NEW!Certificate of Achievement for Tracing Shapes - Students work hard to master tracing of shapes. Show them how proud you are with one of these Certificates of Achievement upon mastery or solid improvement in this skill.
Tracing Shapes D'Nealian Style Font - Students will trace a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and diamond then trace the name of each using a D'Nealian style font.
Tracing Shapes - Students will trace a variety of shapes and trace the name of each.
Making Shapes Worksheets 1-3 - This set includes three worksheets with12 different shapes to trace and color.
Trace and Color - This tracing worksheet promotes pencil control as well as shape and color recognition.
Cubes and Cylinders - Students will match each shape to its name then trace and color cubes and cylinders.
Match the Shapes Worksheet 3 - Students will draw a line from the shape on the left to the matching shape on the right. Shapes include a diamond, trapezoid, hexagon, pentagon, and cross.
Match the Shapes Worksheet 2 - Draw a line to connect the matching circle, square, oval, rectangle, and triangle.
Match the Shapes - Students will match the shape on the left with a designed shape on the right.
Colors and Shapes Worksheet #4 - Students will learn to recognize a rectangle, a pentagon, and an oval as well as the colors red, blue, and purple with this preschool worksheet.
Colors and Shapes Worksheet #3 - Students will learn to recognize a heart, a star, and a diamond along with the colors red, yellow, and orange.
Following Directions - Students will differentiate between large and small shapes that include stars, circles, rectangles, triangles, and squares. They must also know the colors red, green, blue, yellow, and orange.

Thumbnail image of Color edition of Shape Flash Cards.

Shape Flash Cards - Sixteen full color shape flash cards, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, heart, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, diamond, cube, cylinder, sphere, star, cone, and pyramid. Laminate for durability.
Dopey Dragon Shape Packet - This 14 page packet has basic worksheets for circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles, as well as tracing, matching, counting, and handwriting exercises.
My Shape Book - This printable shape book features12 different shapes to trace, count, and color.

The I'm Learning About Shapes series of worksheets includes nine worksheets in which the student traces the shape and prints the shape word. Each page also provides the opportunity to reinforce counting to 10 and could be used to practice cutting along dotted lines.
I'm Learning About Shapes
Thumbnail image of I'm Learning About Shapes; Circle Worksheet.

Thumbnail image of I'm Learning About Shapes; Circle Worksheet.

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