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Music Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Welcome to, where you'll find a variety of free music worksheets and coloring pages for home and school use. You'll find music worksheets designed to promote fine motor skills, printing practice, instrument recognition and much more. This portion of our web site is in its infancy and we will be adding new material as it becomes available. Please check back periodically to see what's new!

It is our hope that the music worksheets and coloring pages we provide will provide a basic introduction to the wonderful world of music and spark an interest in each child to expand upon their music education.

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Music Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Printable Music Books

Thumbnail image of one page from My Musical Instrument Book cover.

My Classical Music Book - Introduce students to the world of classical music composers with this printable book. It includes brief descriptions of the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras as well as images of their greatest composers.

For added enjoyment, students can solve a word search puzzle, make new words, and sort composers.




Thumbnail image of one page from My Musical Instrument Book cover.

My Musical Instrument Book - This is a fun printable book that includes a sorting activity, word tiles, and a word search puzzle. Great for younger students.

Percussion instruments include the drum, tambourine, triangle, bell, xylophone, and cymbals.
Brass instruments include the trombone, French horn, tuba, trumpet, and cornet.
String instruments included in this book are the harp, violin, banjo, guitar, and cello.
Woodwinds include the oboe, harmonica, flute, bassoon, and clarinet.

All of the following composer books range from 13-16 pages and include a quiz and writing exercise. In order to print and bind each book you will need 4-5 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper, staples and the printing instructions included with the file.

Thumbnail image of one page from Johann Sebastian Bach Book cover.

Johann Sebastian Bach - The Story of the Boy who Sang in the Streets.
Ludwig van Beethoven - The Boy who was Forced to Practice.
Frederic Francois Chopin - Making Beautiful Melodies.
Edvard Grieg - A Boy who Made Music in the Land of the Midnight Sun.
George Frederick Handel - Little Boy who Practiced in an Attic.
Franz Joseph Haydn - Choir Boy to Great Composer.
Franz Liszt - A Great Pianist and Teacher.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - A Boy who Gave Concerts.
Franz Schubert - A Boy who Wrote Beautiful Songs.
Robert Schumann - Making Pictures in Music.
Giuseppe Verdi - A boy who Loved the Hand Organ.
Richard Wagner - The Story of a Boy who Wrote Plays.

Brass Instruments

Thumbnail image of one page from Brass Instruments Worksheet 3.

Brass Instruments Worksheet 3 - Match the brass instrument to its name.
Brass Instruments Worksheet 2 - Practice printing the names of the brass instruments.
Brass Instruments Worksheet 1 - Find and circle the brass instruments in a puzzle then label each instrument.

String Instruments

Thumbnail image of one page from String Instruments Worksheet 2b.

String Instruments Worksheet 2b - Students will trace the name of each stringed instrument.
String Instruments Worksheet 3b - Students will draw a line to match the instruments to its name.
String Instruments Worksheet 1b - Students will find and circle the names of string instruments in the puzzle and label pictures of instruments shown.

Percussion Instruments

Thumbnail image of one page from Percussion Instruments Worksheet 1.

Percussion Instruments Worksheet 1 - Find and circle the percussion instruments in the word search then label the instruments shown.
Percussion Instruments Worksheet 2 - Print the names of the percussion instruments.
Percussion Instruments Worksheet 3 - Draw a line to match each percussion instrument to its name.

Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind Instruments Worksheet 3 - Match the woodwind instrument to its name
Woodwind Instruments Worksheet 2 - Print the names of woodwind instruments.
Woodwind Instruments Worksheet 1 - Label the pictures of woodwind instruments and find the woodwinds in the word search puzzle.

Miscellaneous Music Worksheets

Piano Themed Papers - This set includes four variations of a piano themed paper and includes one blank sheet and 3 lined sheets in a variety of styles.
Music Practice Schedule - Two music practice schedules per sheet, customize with desired exercises and students can log time for each exercise and time on task. There are two logs per page with the ability to log five exercises and time for seven days.

Music Related Coloring Pages

Tuba - Color the word tuba, the picture of a tuba, and know that a tuba is a brass instrument.
Grand Piano - This educational coloring page features the label "Grand Piano" and a picture to color.
Upright Piano - Coloring page featuring the label "Upright Piano" and a picture to color.

Music worksheets created by T. Smith.

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