Free time and calendar worksheets for students in grades 1-6.

Time and Calendar Worksheets

This page features worksheets related to time and calendars. The time related worksheets could be helpful for young students learning to tell time or students who need to practice reading and telling time. The calendar worksheets provide exposure to dates, days of the week, and months of the year.

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Time and Calendar Worksheets

Time Worksheets

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NEW!Thinking About A.M. and P.M. - This worksheets gives a brief description of A.M. and P.M times and includes questions to answer related to events that typically happen in the A.M. or in the P.M.
NEW!Telling Time Worksheets - Two worksheets allowing students to practice reading an analog clock and writing the time at fifteen minutes and 45 minutes past the hour.
Read and Write the Time Worksheets A-D - Students will write the time shown on each analog clock. These four worksheets provide practice reading time to the hour, quarter-hour, and half-hour.
Telling the Time Packet - The seven pages in this packet include instructions on telling time as well as worksheets to practice telling time on analog and digital clocks.
Telling Time Worksheets A-D - Students will learn basic facts about time and draw time to the hour and half-hour on digital and analog clocks.
Time Worksheet 1 - Students will gain real-life problem solving skills when they compute the cooking time for each word problem.
Time to Cook - Solve the real-life word problems then show your answer on the clock.
Draw the Time - Students will draw hands on the clocks to show time on the half-hour, hour, and quarter-hour.
Time Calculations Worksheets 1-2 - Students will solve word problems by telling time to five minute intervals.
Fractions of Time - Students must relate the periods of time to fractions.
Reading Time - Students will read and write the time shown on each analog clock.

Calendar Worksheets

Calendar Fun Worksheet 1 - Students will learn basic facts about a year and read a calendar to answer questions.
Calendar Fun Worksheet 3 - Use information from the calendar to answer the questions.
Calendar Check-Up - Students will test their knowledge and understanding of calendars by answering a variety of questions.
Weather Calendar - Students will use information from the calendar to answer questions.
My Weather Calendar - Students will track and record the weather for seven days.

All worksheets created by T. Smith.


This page features worksheets for learning about time and how to use a calendar.

Free telling time worksheets for home and school use.

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