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Make Your Own Matching Game

Children love matching games and this activity can be edited to meet just about any need or interest.

• White or solid color unlined index cards.
• A variety of stickers or rubber stamps with designs, pictures, or words.
• Markers.

Instructions for making a number match game:
Step 1. With a marker, write the numbers 1-10, one numeral each on one side only of ten individual index cards.
Step 2. On another ten index cards, place stickers to represent the quantities 1- 10. (Example: for number one, use one large butterfly, for number 8 use 8 small ladybugs).
Step 3. Mix the cards together and place them face down on the table. In turn, each player turns over two cards. If they correspond to each other, (Example: player turned over the number 1 card and the card with one sticker) that player gets to keep both cards. A players turn continues until they do not get a match. When all cards have been removed, the player with the most matches wins.

Adaptations include using words on one set of cards with corresponding pictures on another. Examples include names of fruits, tools, animals, automobiles or landmarks. Write the word on one card and glue a picture representing that word on another card.
For addition practice, write a problem on one card with an answer on the other card. You must correctly match the problem with the answer to win a round.

Thumbnail image of Dinosaur Door Knob Hangers.

Make Your Own Door Knob Hangers

This is a simple, fast and very easy craft for kids. You can choose from a dinosaur hanger or a blank hanger to decorate, cut out, and call your own.

• Print out of the dinosaur hangers or the blank hangers. • Crayons, markers, stickers, glitter or any other decorating supplies you would like to use.
• Scissors.

Mystery Letters

Children love to send and receive mail. With this simple idea, your child can send a mystery letter to friends and family.

• A piece of paper.
• Four or more envelopes.
• Markers, crayons, and a pencil.
• Appropriate postage for each envelope

Instructions for making a mystery letter:
Step 1. Write a letter to your friend and decorate it with one of your lovely drawings.
Step 2. Cut your letter into four separate pieces.
Step 3. Put one piece into each of the four envelopes.
Step 4. Seal and address each envelope.
Step 5. Affix appropriate postage and mail each letter a few days apart.
When your friend has received all four envelopes, they will be able to read your complete message!

Older children may want to write at an angle or in a circle on the paper to make reading the letter more fun.

Make a Simple Paper Necklace

This is a good hands on activity for children. When they string their "beads" they will be improving their eye hand coordination.

• Any type of paper (construction paper or old pieces of wrapping paper work well also).
• A round pencil (a chop stick will also work).
• White glue.
• Scissors.
• Yarn or string.
• Glitter.
• Paint (blo-pens are fun with this).
• Markers if you decide to write letters or draw pictures on your beads.

To Make a necklace or bracelet:
Step 1. Cut thin rectangular strips of paper.
Step 2. Place a very small amount of glue on one edge of the paper.
Step 3. Wrap the paper around the pencil or chopstick with the un-glued side overlapping the glued piece.
Step 4. When the glue is dry, slip the "beads" off of the pencil or chopstick.
Step 5. Now decorate with glue and glitter or paint the "beads". If you opted to write on your beads, it is generally easier to write on them before removing from the pencil.
Step 6. When your decorated beads are dry, lace them with the yarn or string and wear your new creation proudly!

Nature Rubbings

We have all done this simple art project at one time or another. Share the memory with your child and enjoy the wonderful fall leaves!

• Piece of paper.
• An assortment of leaves, pine needles, twigs, etc.
• Crayons (old broken crayons without wrappers work great).

To make your nature rubbing:
Step 1. Arrange the leaves, pine needles, and twigs that you have collected on the table or work surface.
Step 2. Place the piece of paper over this arrangement.
Step 3. Use the side of the crayons to rub over the entire paper.
As you rub, you will see the outlines of your items appear like magic!
To enhance this beautiful work of art, have your child add a caption to each rubbing telling the type of leaf, needle, etc.

Envelope Puppet

Materials required:
• Two envelopes.
• Scotch tape.
• Crayons, markers or colored pencils.
• Scissors.
• Optional materials include puff balls, yarn, and glue.

Assembly instructions for the Envelope Puppet
Step 1. Glue the two envelopes closed.
Step 2. Cut a strip off of one end of each envelope.
Step 3. Set one envelope on top of the other with the open ends together.
Step 4. Carefully tape the bottom edge of the top envelope to the top edge of the bottom envelope.
Step 5. Draw a silly, scary or funny face on the top envelope. You could also use the puff balls for eyes, yarn for a mouth or any number of loose household items to make your puppet face.

Place your thumb in the opening of the bottom envelope and your fingers in the opening of the top envelope to make your puppet come alive!

All worksheets created by T. Smith.


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