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Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Welcome to, where you'll find a variety of free kindergarten math worksheets for home and classroom use. Our kindergarten math and number worksheets are intended to enhance your child's skills and introduce new concepts in a fun, stress-free manner.

Based on feedback from our visitors, we will begin listing some of our kindergarten math worksheets which we feel align with the Common Core State Standards Initiative. This feature will allow educators to quickly locate materials that they can incorporate into their kindergarten curriculum and parents will gain a better understanding of the CCSS as it relates to kindergarten. As always, we encourage you to print materials which meet individual abilities. You may wish to review our preschool and first grade math worksheets for additional practice.

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Kindergarten MathWorksheets

Kindergarten Number Recognition Worksheets

Number Charts Set 1 - This set of seven number charts includes counting to 100, count by 2's, 3's, 4's, odd numbers, even numbers, and random missing numbers.
Missing Numbers to Twenty - Fill in the missing numbers in each sequence of four numbers.
Number Fun Worksheets 3 and 4 - Identifying greatest and least numbers as well as ordering numbers to 20.
Largest and Smallest Numbers - This fun robot theme worksheet makes identifying large and small numbers lots of fun!
Recognizing Numbers - worksheet 2
Which Number is Bigger?
Number Match - matching objects to numbers
Larger and Smaller Numbers - identify the larger or smaller numbers to 15
My First Number Word Search - number words one through ten
Dot-to-Dot Puppy - connect the dots from 1 to 30
Ten! - Halloween theme
Fill in the Missing Numbers
Number Words - matching numbers 1-10 and 10-20 to the number words
Dino Numbers 1-9 and 10-18 - recognize numbers words and write numbers to 18
Pre-Math worksheet
Add One, Add Two - fine motor skills, shapes, concept of addition

Kindergarten Counting Worksheets

Happy Shapes
One Two Three Worksheets 1-2 - counting to 5, beginning addition, comparing numbers to 5
Farm Tally Mark Worksheet - counting to 12, using tally marks, farm theme
Count and Draw Carrots and Strawberries - Draw the matching number of carrots or strawberries in each row.
Count and Circle worksheet 1 - Read the numeral at the beginning of each row and circle that many items (up to 5).
Counting with Kittens - Look at the picture then answer the questions about numbers to five.
Count and Color Dragon Spots - counting to 20
Show That Number worksheet 1 - draw objects to match the number in each row
Circle Ten - circle ten objects from each set
Let's Count - 2 worksheets, practice writing numbers 0-19 in order
See, Say, Write, and Count - number words one - ten
Halloween Count and Color 1-2 - counting to 8, color recognition
Count and Color Dogs
St. Patrick's Day Ordinal Numbers
Count and Color - follow directions, counting to five, color recognition, first, middle, and last.
Counting Dinosaur Dots to 10 - Counting and writing numbers to 10
Counting to Thirty
Fun With Fruit - Students will count the pieces of fruit in each row and then follow specific directions to circle, draw rectangles around or count the various items.
Counting with Puppies - Look at the picture then answer the questions about numbers to five.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheets

Addition within 5

Kindergarten Addition Worksheets 1-6 - Six beginning addition worksheets with sums to 5.
Domino Dot Addition Practice 1-4 - picture addition with sums to 5
Thanksgiving Picture Addition Worksheet 1
Fruit Addition- Students will add pictures of fruit to find the sums to 5.

Addition to 10

Zoo Addition Worksheets 1 and 2 - picture addition
Addition Draw and Write Worksheets 1 and 2
Adding with Andy Worksheets 3120-A, 3120-B, 3120-C, 3120-D - This file includes four worksheets with 24 addition problems on each page. All worksheets include sums to 10.
Addition Practice sums to 10 - horizontal format #6
Addition Practice sums to 10 - horizontal format #2
Addition worksheets With Sums to 10
Crabby Math - 4 addition worksheets
Count, Color, and Add (dogs) - 7 worksheets
Color, Count, and Add (kids) - adding 4+4
Green Addition - color green and sums to 10
Yellow Addition - color yellow and sums to 10
Addition Practice - Apple theme with sums to 10
Thanksgiving Doubles Addition - Students will add doubles of Thanksgiving pictures to solve the addition problems to 8.
Christmas Picture Addition - with sums to10
Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets 1-3 - Addition practice worksheets with sums to 5 and sums to 10.
Dino Addition - Add the dinosaurs and write the number on the line.

Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets

Subtraction Word Problems Worksheets 1b-1c - Subtracting within 5
Thanksgiving Subtraction Worksheet 1 - Subtracting within 10 and a fun Thanksgiving theme.
Subtracting from 10 - picture subtraction worksheet
Subtraction Detective - picture subtraction
Thanksgiving Subtraction

Mixed Operations

It's Cool to Bee Square - Counting to 9, addition and subtraction within 10.
Ducks in the Pond worksheet 2 - add 2+2 and subtract 4-2

Kindergarten Pattern Worksheets

Shape Patterns

Miscellaneous Math Worksheets

Missing Numbers to 10 - Two fill in the missing number worksheets
Two Equal Parts - Color the shapes which show two equal parts.

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