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Free Kindergarten Science and Thinking Skills Worksheets

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Kindergarten Science and Thinking Skills Worksheets

Thinking Skills Worksheets

thumbnail of Following Directions Worksheet 1.

Following Directions Worksheet 1 - When students follow the directions on this cute worksheet they will circle a dog, put a box around a bird, draw a triangle around a turtle, and mark an X on a cat.

NEW!Sequencing Worksheet - Cut and paste the five pictures in order.

NEW!Frog to Lily Pad Maze - Help the frog get to the lily pad.
NEW!Diver Spot the Difference - Find ten differences between the pictures.
NEW!Policeman Spot the Difference - Can you spot the seven differences in these pictures?
NEW!Dinosaur Find the Difference - Find and circle five things that are different in the dinosaur pictures.
Classifying Worksheet 3 - Identify and color the items that help you get from here to there.
Seasons Find the Difference Worksheets 1-4 - A spot the difference worksheet for each season!
Ten Acorns - Students will follow the directions and gain valuable labeling skills, practice writing numbers 1-10 in sequence, and reinforce color recognition when they complete this fun worksheet.
Follow the Directions - Students will follow directions, understand colors, recognize shapes, and the meaning of inside and outside.
Vegetable Tiles - Write the names of vegetables in the correctly shaped box.
Fruit Tiles - Write the names of the fruit in the boxes shaped like the letters in each word.
Classifying Worksheet 2 - Color items you can eat, and mark an X on items you can't.
Transportation - Students will classify vehicles by their use on water, land or in the air.
School Stuff - Students will circle the items that could be found at school and mark an X on the items not found in school.
Insect Patterns - Draw a picture to complete each insect pattern.
My Dinosaur - Students will draw a picture of an imaginary dinosaur they have discovered in the backyard. Foster imagination and creative writing skills and instruct students to write a paragraph or two about their dinosaur on the back of the page.
Big, Bigger, Biggest - Trace circles, squares, and triangles then cut and paste them onto page two in order to show big, bigger, and biggest.
Picture Patterns - Circle the picture that comes next in each picture pattern.


Science Worksheets

thumbnail of The Sun Helps Things Grow science worksheet.

The Sun Helps Things Grow - Students will color the pictures of things needing energy from the sun in order to grow.
Motion - This primary science worksheet requires the student to identify objects that are people powered and objects that require fuel.
Light - Color the items that provide light.
Mammals and Reptiles Cut and Paste - Color the pictures of the mammals and reptiles then cut them out and paste them under the appropriate heading.
Label the Farm Animals - Students will write the correct animal name for each farm animal.
My Animal Book - Fun to print eight page science book features amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles to color as well as fun puzzles to solve.
Land or Sea Cut and Paste - Cut out the land and sea animals and paste them with the picture of the land or the sea.
Your Five Senses - Six beginning science worksheets introducing the five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight.
My First Crossword Puzzle - Place the baby animal names in the crossword puzzle.
Sense of Hearing - Students will circle the pictures of things you can hear.


All worksheets created by T. Smith.


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