Free Valentine's Day, Kwanzaa, and Groundhog Day worksheets for math and English plus fun puzzles and coloring pages for kids.

Free Valentine's Day, Kwanzaa, and Groundhog Day Worksheets

If you love Valentine's Day then you have come to the right place for free printable worksheets and coloring pages. You'll find Valentine themed math and language arts worksheets as well as fun puzzles and coloring pages for students in preschool-sixth grade. Your students can learn about Kwanzaa when they print and color My Kwanzaa Book or alphabetize Kwanzaa words. To add to an extra bit of fun to Groundhog Day students can color pictures or complete a word search puzzle. Enjoy your visit!

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Valentine's Day, Kwanzaa, and Groundhog Day Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Valentine's Day Math and Number Worksheets

Number Sense
Valentine Count Worksheet 2 - Count up to ten items and write the number in the box.
Match Valentine's Day Objects to Numbers 6-10 - Students will match each set of objects with the number telling how many.
Match Valentine's Day Objects to Numbers 1-5 - Students will count the items in each group and draw a line to the number that tells how many.
Tag highlighting new item on websiteValentine's Day Counting and Number Writing Worksheets are brand new this year! You'll find ten worksheets that encourage counting and fine motor skills. Great for preschool and kindergarten students.

Cupid Addition Set A - This addition worksheet set features a Valentine's Day theme and six addition worksheets of graduating difficulty while finding sums to 20.
Valentine's Day Addition Worksheet 2A - Kids will love adding two 2-digit numbers with no regrouping.
Valentine's Day Addition Worksheet 2 - Students will practice adding two 3-digit numbers without regrouping.
Valentine's Day Addition Worksheet 1 - Fun Valentine's Day theme addition worksheet providing students with practice adding two 2-digit numbers with no regrouping.

Valentine's Day Multiplication Practice Worksheets 1 and 2 - Valentine's Day theme adorns these math worksheets with a 1-digit multiplier, 2-digit multiplicand, and no regrouping.

Valentine's Day Division Practice - This 3rd grade math worksheets requires students to divide a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number and show the remainder.

Valentine's Day Language Arts Worksheets

Alphabetizing Valentine's Day Words - Alphabetize fourteen Valentine's Day words.

Making Words From Valentine's Day - Make new words from the letters in Valentine's Day.
Elephant Read and Color - Read the color words (red, pink, purple) and color the elephant.
Valentine Read and Color Worksheet - Students will read the color words and color the picture.
Valentine Word Fun - Make new words from the word valentine and write them on the picture.

Writing Activities
My Valentine Acrostic Poem - Write a poem about your special Valentine!
Valentine's Day Stationery Primary - The four styles of stationery presented here are best for the primary grades.
Valentine's Day Stationery - This file includes four decorated and lined pages that could be used by upper elementary grade students for a writing activity or spelling test.
Make a Valentine's Day Card Just print, color, fold, and write a sentiment in this easy to make Valentine Card.

Valentine's Day Puzzles and Mazes

Valentine's Day Word Search - Can you find and circle fourteen Valentine's Day words in the puzzle?
Easy Valentine's Day Word Search - Find twelve Valentine's Day related words in this easy word search puzzle.

Miscellaneous Valentine's Day Worksheets and Activities

Valentine's Day Big and Small - Students will color or underline the big and small Valentine's Day pictures.
Valentine Tracing Activity - Students will trace and count the heart shaped balloons.

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Bear Holding Heart - Adorable Valentine's Day coloring page.
Be My Valentine - Cool Valentine coloring page.
Valentine Gift - Bear giving a Valentine's Day gift coloring page.
Newspaper Valentine Greeting - Cute coloring page for Valentine's Day.
Bear-in-the-Box - This cute bear wants to be your valentine!
Kissing Dogs - Valentine's Day coloring page.
Dogs in Love - Cute Valentine's Day theme with Happy Valentine's Day caption.
Valentine's Day Elephant - Color the elephant holding a heart lollipop.
Puppy and Mommy - Mommy holding her puppy coloring page.
Cute Kitten - Kitten with a bow picture to color.
Puppy in a Hot Air Balloon - Cute puppy flying in a heart shaped hot air balloon.
Valentine's Day Kitty - I'm Yours coloring page.
Valentine's Day Bee - Bee Mine coloring page.
Valentine's Day Teddy Bear - This teddy bear with a heart on the tummy is a fun coloring page for small children.
Valentine's Day Turtle - Color the turtle with the heart covered shell.

Kwanzaa Worksheets and Coloring Pages
Alphabetize Kwanzaa Words - Primary grade students will alphabetize ten Kwanzaa related words.
Alphabetize Kwanzaa Words - This alphabetizing worksheet is appropriate for upper elementary age students.
My Kwanzaa Book - Primary grade students will color the pictures of Kwanzaa symbols and solve a word search puzzle in this nine page Kwanzaa book.
Kwanzaa Coloring Page
Kwanzaa Secret Code - Solve addition and subtraction problems and use the answers to solve the secret code.

Groundhog Day Worksheets and Coloring Pages
Groundhog Day Word Search Puzzle - Find and circle ten words in the puzzle.
Groundhog Day Coloring Page 2 - Color the groundhog looking out at the sun.
Groundhog Day Coloring Page 1 - Color the Groundhog Day poster.

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