Free Thanksgiving worksheets and coloring pages for students in preschool-sixth grade.

Thanksgiving Worksheets and Coloring Pages

This is the place to gobble up a variety of Thanksgiving worksheets, coloring pages, and games. You'll find Thanksgiving themed worksheets for practicing addition, subtraction, alphabetizing, and more. Print a few now for your students to enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday season.

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Thanksgiving Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets

Number Sense
Turkey Match Worksheet 1-4 - Counting to 10 and recognizing number words to ten are the focus of these worksheets.

Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets 1-3 - Addition practice worksheets with sums to 5 and sums to 10.
Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets 4 - 8 - Five Thanksgiving themed addition worksheets of varying skill level with sums to 100.
Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets 12 and 13 - Adding three 3-digit numbers with regrouping.
Thanksgiving Addition Worksheet 11 - Adding three 2-digit numbers.
Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets 9 and 10 - Adding two 2-digit numbers with regrouping and sums to 100.
Thanksgiving Doubles Addition - Students will add doubles of Thanksgiving pictures to solve the addition problems to 8.
Thanksgiving Picture Addition Worksheet 1 - Thanksgiving picture addition worksheet with sums of 4 and 5.

Thanksgiving Subtraction Worksheets 4 and 5 - Thanksgiving subtraction worksheets to practice subtracting a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number with no renaming.
Thanksgiving Subtraction Worksheets 2 and 3 - These two Thanksgiving themed subtraction worksheets include 19 problems and one word problem. Focusing on subtracting within 20.
Thanksgiving Subtraction Worksheet 1 - Subtracting within 10 and a fun Thanksgiving theme.
Thanksgiving Picture Subtraction - Students will subtract within 5 and trace the numbers showing the equation.

Thanksgiving Fraction Multiplication - Students will gain valuable practice multiplying mixed numbers.
Thanksgiving Multiplication Worksheet 1 - Multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number with no regrouping.

Patterns and Miscellaneous
Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Worksheet 2 - Students will complete picture patterns when they cut and paste the missing pictures in each pattern.
Thanksgiving Big and Small - Students will practice their fine motor skills when they color the big and small pictures orange, green, brown, and blue.
Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Worksheet 1 - Color the pictures then paste the two halves together to make a picture.

Thanksgiving Language Arts Worksheets

Alphabetizing, Grammar, and Vocabulary
Thanksgiving Fun - Eighteen pages of activities including a card game, dot-to-dot, color by letter, alphabetical order, find the difference, and crossword puzzle. Ages vary.
Thanksgiving More Than One - Circle the correct plural noun.
Thinking of Thanksgiving - Write seven Thanksgiving related words on the turkey.
Making Thanksgiving Words - Students will add a letter to the beginning of each word to spell a word found in the picture.
Alphabetizing Thanksgiving Words Worksheet 2 - Easy alphabetizing to the first letter worksheet for Thanksgiving.
Alphabetizing Thanksgiving Words - Students in grades 4-6 will alphabetize twenty words.

Word Search Puzzles
Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle 1 - Find fifteen Thanksgiving related words in the puzzle. Alphabetize the Thanksgiving words as a bonus exercise.
Woody's Thanksgiving Word Search - Find lots of yummy foods in this puzzle!

Reading and Writing Related
Thanksgiving Cursive Practice - Practice writing the words corn, squash, feast, fall, and turkey in cursive.
Thankful Turkey Tail - Write six things you are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages
Friendly Pilgrim and Indian - Color the friends going to a feast.
Thanksgiving Placemat and Coloring Page - Let students color their own placemat!
Thanksgiving Turkey with Hat - Silly coloring page for younger kids.
Happy Thanksgiving - Simple coloring page. I would encourage students to add to the background on this one.
Cornucopia - Color and share this picture during the fall.
Boy with Turkey Coloring Page
Pilgrim Coloring Page - This cute pilgrim makes fun coloring for little ones.
Pilgrim Woman Cooking - This coloring page features a woman cooking with a kettle hanging in the fire.
Mayflower Coloring Page - Neat ship for kids to color.
Bearded Pilgrim Coloring Page - Pilgrim with a beard, cape, and hat to color.
Wise Old Pilgrim Reading - Everyone loves to read!

All worksheets created by T. Smith.

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Fun Thanksgiving worksheets and coloring pages for preschool-sixth grade.

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