Free History Worksheets for Kindergarten-Sixth Grade.

Free History Worksheets

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Free History Worksheets and Coloring Pages

History Puzzles

Thumbnail picture of Thirteen Colonies Word Search Puzzle for grades 4-6

NEW!Thirteen Colonies Word Search Puzzle - Students in grades 4-6 will find and circle the names of the original thirteen colonies in this word search puzzle.
Montana Ghost Towns - This is an interesting word search and alphabetizing worksheet about ghost towns of Montana.
Colorado Ghost Towns - Find and circle the names of twenty Colorado ghost towns in this puzzle. Alphabetize the towns as a bonus exercise!
Arizona Ghost Towns - Students will have fun finding names such as Total Wreck, Contention, and Vulture in this Arizona ghost town word search puzzle.
President Lincoln - Find and circle the words associated with President Abraham Lincoln.
Community Helpers - Students must read the clues and provide the answer from the list of community helpers in the word box to solve the crossword puzzle.
Community Helpers - Same as above except uses non-gender-specific titles.
Presidents Word Search - This file includes four presidential word search puzzles covering the years 1789-1845, 1845-1885, 1885-1933, and 1933-2005. Each puzzle features a trivia question or activity for students to research.
Women of the Revolutionary War - Circle the last name of these important women who lived during the Revolutionary War. Select two of the women to write about.
Bill of Rights - Build vocabulary while finding the words in this word search puzzle.
Constitutional Crossword Puzzle - This puzzle is great for grades 3-6 when studying American history.
Declaration of Independence - Students will match words with a definition as they build their vocabulary.
Work in Ancient Egypt - Students will find ten occupations or crafts popular in ancient Egypt.
Greek Mythology Word Search Puzzle - Students will find and circle thirteen well-known names from Greek mythology.

American History Worksheets and Coloring Pages

What is Congress - An information and question sheet for primary grades
    related materials:
    Capital coloring page
    House Pin Coloring Page - Read about the pin that members of the U.S. House of Representatives wear then draw a pin.
You Know the Answer Worksheet 3 Candidates - Solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to find the question on this fun math and social studies worksheet. For grades 4-6.
You Know the Answer Worksheet 2 Candidates - The answer is Barack Obama and John McCain. Solve the mathematical expressions and you will find the question. Social studies and math fun for grades 6-8.
Independence Day writing activity - Write a letter to the Loyalists detailing why you believe the colonies should become independent.
Liberty Bell - This coloring page includes a brief statement about the Liberty Bell.
Flag Facts for Kids - Students will circle true or false for each statement about the American Flag.

History Coloring and Activity Pages
The Pinta - A Columbus Day read, color, and print worksheet.
Presidents coloring book - Washington - Bush (We have included a link to a coloring page of President Obama and will update this book should an image with use rights become available.)
Churning Butter - This coloring page features a woman using a barrel churn and a young girl using a dash churn. This worksheet includes links to additional web sites about making butter.
Family Shield - This personal/family history activity encourages students to think about such things as what they do well, accomplishments of their family, and color a family shield.

Miscellaneous History Worksheets
Proper Nouns Worksheet 2 - Combine language arts and history with this Constitution worksheet.
People from American History - Match each clue with a name from the word box.
Mythology Mystery - Can you guess who each of these characters from Greek mythology are? Use the self-checking answer box to check your answer.


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American Symbols

United States Flag - coloring page

What State Am I?

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