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Helping Kids in the Community

Welcome to We thought our visitors might enjoy knowing some of the things we do to help kids learn to love books, stay healthy, and grow intellectually. The following is just a partial listing of ways we give back to our community.

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July, 2009 - Donation to Arizona Youth Leadership Foundation to help fund video production of the 2009 Leadership Conference.

August, 2007 - Matched all website donations for the week of August 1st - August 8 and sent a check for $30.00 to Heaven Scent Paws.

April, 2006 - Health records, I.D. Kits, First Aid Kits, and activity pages to MADD Arizona Chapter for the Strides for Change Walk at the Phoenix Zoo.

October, 2005 - 22 Blank Brave Explorers to 3rd grade class

May, 2005 - 28 Mother's Day books to 4th graders at Esperanza Elementary School

October, 2004 - 30 Usborne Hotshot books to 4th grade class in Arizona

May, 2004 - 23 personalized books to third grade class in Arizona

April, 2004 - 3 enhanced graduation books Sociology department, S.B., IN

May, 2004 - Health and Immunization records to public health organization

September, 2003 - Health and Immunization records to school district in Missouri

April, 2003 - Twenty five write your own stories to second graders in North Carolina

April, 2003 - Twenty pop-up books to first graders in Colorado

March, 2003 - Health and Immunization records to Youth and Family Center in Dallas, Texas

March, 2003 - Health and Immunization records to Community Health Department in Michigan

January, 2003 - Free pop-up books to toddler group in Oregon

August, 2002 - Gift certificates and journal for auction, Ohio Public Schools

May, 2002 - 22 McGruff and Me to 1st graders in Phoenix, Arizona

April, 2002 - 26 Write your own stories to 2nd graders - North Carolina

December, 2001 - 32 personalized books to 2nd graders - North Carolina

2001 - Health and Immunization Records to Scout Troop - Kansas

May, 2001 - 14 personalized coloring books to special-ed kindergarten - Arizona

May, 2001 - 18 custom made workbooks to special-ed preschool - Arizona

May, 1996 - Workbooks for summer high school volunteer program - Arizona

February,1996 - gift baskets, graduation books - High School Auction - Arizona

1993 - personalized books for elementary school reading program - Arizona

August, 1992 - 3 McGruff and Me to Block Watch Org. - Arizona

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