Fun first grade math worksheets provide practice in addition, rounding, counting, and estimating.

First Grade Math Worksheets about Addition, Rounding, and Number Sense

Welcome to the first grade math page at TLSBooks. This page features first grade math activities related to number sense, addition, rounding, and estimation practice.

Subsequent first grade math pages include subtraction and mixed operations and geometry and measurement.

First grade is an extremely important year in the mathematical development of your child. By the end of this year they should have the ability to skip count past 100, read and write numbers to 100 (or preferably to 1,000), and represent a number of objects with a written numeral. First graders should continue working with patterns in an effort to improve problem solving skills.

Your child or students should begin or continue to learn about coins and their value. This is a great time to play store with real money and encourage recognition, counting, and addition of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Ideally, addition skills should be practiced daily and practice could include reviewing flash cards, playing games, and completing worksheets. Students should be able to add two 2-digit numbers without regrouping and add three numbers with sums to 30. These skills are very important and will help build a solid foundation for future math success.

Depending on your child's abilities, you may wish to review these kindergarten worksheets and second grade math worksheets for additional math practice sheets.

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First Grade Addition, Number Sense, Rounding, and Estimating Worksheets

Number Sense Worksheets

Count and Color Series II, Worksheets 5-6 - Students will color up to eighteen items from each box to reflect the numeral shown.
Missing Numbers Worksheets 1 and 2 - Students will fill in the missing numbers from 1-20.
Number Before, Number After - Students will fill in the missing number before and after to complete a sequence of three numbers.
Elephant Dot-to-Dot - Students will connect the dots from 1-30 to complete the picture of the elephant.
Counting by 1's - Students will fill in the missing numbers to 50 when completing these four worksheets.
Weather Calendar - Students will use information from the calendar to answer questions.
Counting by 2's - The four worksheets included in this set require the student to fill in the missing numbers while counting by 2's to 100.
Count and Connect - Students will count by 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 to connect the dots. If students have counted and connected the dots correctly, they will have drawn a circle, star, triangle, rectangle, and square.
Ordinal Numbers - Students will practice identifying the first, second, third, and fourth items on these four worksheets.
Six Birds - Students must follow directions and understand the position of first, last, and second-fifth when they color the birds.
Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Worksheets 1-4 - Four pages of practice comparing numbers to 5.
Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Worksheets 5-8 - Students will compare numbers to 10
Larger and Smaller Numbers Worksheet 2 - Students will identify the larger or smaller numbers within 20.
Ice Cream Numbers Worksheets A-B - Two worksheets provide practice comparing numbers within 20.
Ice Cream Numbers Worksheets C-D - Recognizing the largest and smallest numbers within 50 and finding the missing number within 50.
Comparing Numbers to 50 - Ten worksheets in two different styles require students to compare numbers to 50 as well as solve and compare addition equations.
Comparing Numbers to 50 Worksheet 12 - Comparing numbers to 50 drill sheet.
Comparing Numbers to 50 Worksheet 11 - This worksheet shows students how to compare numbers and provides practice comparing numbers and addition problems.
Larger and Smaller Numbers Worksheet 3 - Identify the larger or smaller numbers from 0-99.
More or Less Than 40 - Comparing two-digit numbers to 99 and identifying numbers that are more or less than 40.
More or Less Than 80 - Students will compare numbers and color a picture revealing the number 80.
Comparing Numbers to 100 - Two worksheets provide students with practice comparing numbers to 100.
Expanded Form Worksheet 1 - Students will write numbers in expanded form and word form.
Number Pattern Worksheets 1-2 - Students will write the last two numbers to complete each number pattern.


Addition Worksheets

Thumbnail image of Number Charts Set 1.

Properties of Addition - Introduction to the commutative and associative properties of addition.
Sports Count and Add - Write an addition equation for each picture addition problem shown. Addition to 5.
Add the Shapes Worksheets 2-3 - These beginning addition worksheets feature pictures of shapes to count as well as an addition equation to solve. Great beginning addition practice with sums to five.
Add the Buttons - Commutative property of addition with sums to 5.
Add the Shapes Worksheets 4-5 - Students will count the shapes and solve the addition equations with sums to ten.
Adding 1 Math Worksheets A-D - Students will practice adding 1 to each single-digit number to find the sums to 10. The four worksheets in this set provide extra practice for those learning to solve addition problems.
Add the Shapes - Picture addition with sums of 7, 8, 9, and 10.
Writing Addition Problems - Introduction to writing an addition equation for a picture addition problem. Sums to 10.
Christmas Doubles Addition - This worksheet uses pictures and numbers for students to practice adding doubles with sums to 10.
Halloween Doubles Addition - Picture addition for adding doubles of 3, 4, and 5.
Addition Practice Worksheets A-D - This worksheet set includes a total of 156 horizontal addition problems with sums to 10.
Alien Addition Worksheet 4 - Fun color graphics make adding to 10 easy!
Alien Addition Worksheet 3 - Count the aliens and solve the addition problems with sums to 10.
Alien Addition Worksheet 2 - Find the sums to 10.
Alien Addition Worksheet 1 - Add the colorful aliens and write the sums to 10 in the box.
Color the Clown - Students will find sums to 9 and color-by-number to complete the picture.
Adding 0 and 1 - Addition drill sheet with thirty practice problems and sums to 9.
Patchwork Giraffe - Students will add within 8 and use the sums to color the giraffe by number.
Addition is Fun! - Students will practice adding single-digit numbers with sums to 10 when they complete these four worksheets.
Color the Bunny - Students will use sums to 7 co complete the color-by-number picture.
Apple Addition Worksheets 1-4 - Solve the addition problems, writing sums to 18 inside the apples then color the even or odd sums as directed.
Find the Sum Worksheet H1 - Find the sums to 15 on this horizontal Halloween-themed worksheet.
Math Practice Series Worksheet 1 - Beginning addition drill sheet featuring sums to 14.
Addition Practice Worksheet 1 - Forty-five horizontal addition problems with sums to 12.
Addition Practice Worksheet 3 - Thirty addition practice problems with sums to 13.
Summer Vacation Word Problems - Students will add three 1-digit numbers with sums to 18.
Picture Word Problems Worksheet 1 - Write and solve the equations with sums to 18.
Horizontal Addition Practice Worksheet 1 - Students will practice adding the numbers 0-9 in a horizontal format. Sums to 18.
Christmas Addition - These four Christmas theme addition worksheets concentrate on adding single-digit numbers with sums to 18.
Addition Practice Worksheet 4 - Add to find the sums to 18.
Math Crossword Puzzle +3 - Solve the addition problems with sums to 13 and write each answer in the puzzle in number form.
Math Crossword Puzzle +2 - Find the sums to 12 and write the number words in the puzzle.
Math Practice Series Worksheet 2 - Horizontal addition practice finding sums to 18.
Domino Doubles Addition to 24 - Students will add the dots on each domino and write an addition equation.
NEW!Cupid Addition Set A - This addition worksheet set features a Valentine's Day theme and six addition worksheets of graduating difficulty while finding sums to 20.
Addition to Twelve Worksheets 1-4 - The four addition practice worksheets in this set provide the student with practice adding to twelve. Each worksheet includes sixteen problems and a fun picture to color.
Math Practice Series Worksheet 3 - Students will find the sums between 10 and 20 when completing this addition drill sheet.
Addition to Twenty - Practice finding sums to 20.
Farm Animal Math - Students will solve addition problems with sums to 26 and decode each farm animal name.
Math Practice Series Worksheet 4 - Horizontal addition with sums to 23.
Math Practice Series Worksheet 8 - Addition drill sheet with sums to 50.
Tens and Ones Worksheet 1 - Adding base ten blocks to 50.
Ten and More Worksheets 1-4 - These worksheets will help your students understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones.
Adding Tens - Two worksheets with thirty problems on each page for practice adding tens with sums to 100.
Tens and Ones Worksheets 3 and 4 - Students will practice adding tens and ones.
Valentine's Day Addition Worksheet 1 - Fun Valentine's Day theme addition worksheet providing students with practice adding two 2-digit numbers with no regrouping.
Math Practice Series Worksheet 7 - Addition drill sheet with sums to 70.
Thanksgiving Addition Worksheets 4 - 8 - Five Thanksgiving themed addition worksheets of varying skill level with sums to 100.
Buying School Supplies - Students will add three numbers to find the total cost of each set of school supplies. Requires some regrouping.
Addition Practice Worksheet 5 - This addition drill sheet provides practice adding within 100.
Halloween Maze Worksheets 1 and 2 - Students will solve the addition problems on each worksheet and color the answers with an even sum to get through a maze. Worksheet 1 features addition to 100 with no carrying. Worksheet 2 features addition to 1,000 with carrying.
Let's Learn About Money - Students will be introduced to the value of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter and will solve simple addition problems.
Let's Think About Money Worksheets 4 and 4a - Adding pennies, dimes, and nickels.
Counting Nickels - Students will count by five to add the nickels to $1.00.
Adding Coins Worksheet 5 - Students will add the pennies and nickels shown on each piggy bank.
Adding Coins Worksheets 1 and 2 - Two worksheets consisting of adding pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.
Buying School Supplies - Students will add three numbers to find the total cost of each set of school supplies. Requires some regrouping.


Rounding and Estimating Worksheets
Estimating and Measuring - Students will record their estimate and the actual length of easily accessible items in the home.
Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Ten Packet - This packet includes the following ten worksheets:
  • Worksheet A - Rounding numbers between 0 and 100 to the nearest tens place.
  • Worksheet B - Rounding numbers between 100 and 500 to the nearest tens place.
  • Worksheets C and D - Rounding numbers between 0 and 500 to the nearest tens place.
  • Worksheet E - Rounding numbers between 100 and 500 to the nearest tens place.
  • Worksheet F-J - Rounding numbers between 500 and 1,000 to the nearest tens place.


All worksheets created by T. Smith


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