Free printable story starter worksheets from T. Ruggles

Free Story Starter Worksheets for the Young Author

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Free Worksheets for Kids

Preschool Helpers

Thumbnail image of second page of Preschool Planner Handout.

Preschool Skill Building Planner

Use this chart to plan out daily activities that will help your preschooler develop important skills for kindergarten.

This print-out includes example activities and ideas for promoting language and literacy, and improving fine and gross motor development.

Story Starters

Story Starters are an excellent way to encourage creative writing in young children. Not only does creative writing develop reading and writing skills but encourages children to explore identity and empathy in creating the story and characters. Each of the following worksheets include three images, space for writing 3-5 sentences, and room for original artwork by the author.

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Story Starter Worksheet 1 - Students will write a story about a pig, a tractor, and a farmer.
Story Starter Worksheet 2 - Students will write a story about a boy, a cat, and a tree and draw a picture accompany the story.
Story Starter Worksheet 3 - What can your student write about a rabbit, a river, and a turtle?
Story Starter Worksheet 4 - Students will practice creative writing and thinking skills when writing about a girl, a butterfly, and flowers.
Story Starter Worksheet 5 - Students will write about three children, a bus, and a book.
Story Starter Worksheet 6 - Kids will have fun writing and illustrating a silly story about a dog, a bone, and a balloon.
Story Starter Worksheet 7 - What can your students write about a bear, a river, and a cave?
Story Starter Worksheet 8 - Students will stretch their imagination when writing about a train, a snowman, and a house!
Story Starter Worksheet 9 - Students will write about three children, a chef, and a sandwich when completing thiis activity.

Thumbnail image of Story Starter Worksheet 10

Story Starter Worksheet 10 - Encourage students to join the action and write about a soccer ball, soccer shoes, and a goal!
Story Starter Worksheet 11 - What will your students say about a cupcake, a frog, and a balloon?
Story Starter Worksheet 12 - Back to school fun when writing about a teacher, an apple, and a schoolhouse.
Story Starter Worksheet 13 - Imaginations will run wild when writing about a circus tent, a clown, and a lion!

Worksheets and planners on this page created by T. Ruggles.

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