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Welcome to our Bill Peet Page. As you can plainly see, I am a huge fan of this talented writer and illustrator. You and your children will certainly join the ranks of Peet fans once you have treated yourselves to one of his clever books.

Tlsbooks has made some fun activities to accompany various Bill Peet books.
Have fun completing our Bill Peet word find.
Expand and practice vocabulary with the worksheet Fun with Droofus the Dragon.
Use our Droofus the Dragon Crossword Puzzle after reading this great book.

cover Smokey
By Bill Peet

This fun story tells the story of Smokey and old track tester destined for the train graveyard. Smokey decides to escape his terrible fate only to end up in a pond with a mangled smokestack. The ending will really be appreciated by parents and teachers!

cover The Luckiest One of All
By Bill Peet

A wonderful story about a young boy wishing to be something else. Clever progression from one something to the next that comes full circle back to the best someone...YOU!

cover The Caboose Who Got Loose
By Bill Peet

Katie Caboose is upset about always being last. See what happens when she is finally freed from her predicament.

cover Farewell to Shady Glade
By Bill Peet

A group of animal friends is forced to leave their home in Shady Glade because of "progress". This unique story has a beautiful message about open land preservation.

cover Big Bad Bruce
By Bill Peet

Mr. Peet utilizes his story telling genius as he weaves the tale of Big Bad Bruce. Bruce likes picking on smaller creatures, but discovers that it isn't any fun being the little guy who gets picked on. Kid's love this story!

cover How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head
By Bill Peet

Droofus the dragon is a "big lunk of a thing" who is loved by a young boy. The King wants to display the dragons head in the palace. An amusing story of how Droofus looses his head, if only for a moment. A nice story about compromise and friendship.

cover The Kweeks of Kookatumdee
By Bill Peet

We have enjoyed this story about the Kweeks for many years. The Kweeks discover that they can do something they never thought possible while freeing themselves from the giant kweek, Jed.

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