Twenty-six pages of alphabet fun with letter sequence practice


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Alphabet Activities for Letters A-Z (Zaner Bloser style)

Students will gain pencil control, recognize and print upper and lower case letters, and become more familiar with the order of letters in the alphabet when they complete these 26 worksheets.

Each page features a single letter of the alphabet in which the student must print the upper and lower case letter three times. Vocabulary and spelling are stressed when students print two words beginning with each letter of the alphabet. (Picture hints are provided for each word.) In addition, the student will become more familiar with letter sequence when completing the exercise on each page requiring them to print the letters that come before and after a random letter.

Grade recommendation: K-2   •   Common Core State Standards Alignment: RF.K.1, L.K.1, L.K.2

Skills: printing practice | upper and lower case letters | thinking skills | vocabulary | spelling | letter sequence

Item 3224 | 1 page | Publisher: T. Smith Publishing ©2008 | by Tracey Smith

TLS Tip: Encourage your students to write additional words that correspond to the letter featured on each page. This exercise is great for building vocabulary and spelling skills.

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Alphabet Activities for Letters A-Z (Zaner Bloser style)

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Alphabet Activities for Letters A-Z (Zaner Bloser style).

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